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Sonic Expressions Sound Therapy

Ceremonialist Sound Practitioner & Mentor

Lauren is a visionary artist holding a deep sense of service to humanity, looking to inspire and support others in their evolutionary process. She draws from over a decade of diverse wellness offerings and perpetual explorations into the interplay of sound, light and awareness for personal and collective expansion. Lauren is passionate about delivering deeply transformative experiences to raise consciousness, love and harmony.  

Lauren offers a one-on-one mentorship program called the Therapeutic Sound Practitioner Training which is tailored to individuals looking to enter or expand into the Sound Healing/Practitioner industry. 

She also delivers personal and group sound journeys with diverse instrumentals, breathwork and somatic guidance. These immersive multi-sensory environments are crafted to elevate one’s state of consciousness allowing for deeper healing and expansion within. 

Lauren loves to offer ceremonies that bring participants through a psychosomatic journey into their true essence. Shamanic sound practices invite deep inner exploration to reveal unconscious patterning that can then shift through embodiment practices. Resulting in more coherent, harmonious patterns that serve your highest evolutionary unfolding. She works with ceremonial cacao and blue lotus plant allies in her ceremonies as grounding supports that help open the heart and mind.

Lauren also teaches a unique Sound Birth Training to women, families and birth professionals on how to use the power of the voice, music and visualization to create empowering birth experiences.


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