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Jennifer Steffen - Ancient Paths Wellness

Jennifer Steffen - Ancient Paths Wellness

Jennifer Steffen

Discover Holistic Wellness Through the Alchemy of Ancient Healing Modalities 

Sound healing is not a modern-day concept. It is a re-emerging Ancient modality that is not only remarkable for ultimate relaxation, but it is also scientifically proven to be effective for greatly reducing or alleviating mental & emotional distress, anxiety, tension, & physical pain. The relaxing tones that the Himalayan bowls, chimes, gongs, crystal singing bowls, monochords, tuning forks etc create an instantly calming and relaxing environment. These frequencies impact the nervous system by assisting the body to re-align with the nourishing state of “rest, digest, & relax.” This is the opposite of the “fight or flight” mode that is triggered by stress.​

During a session, Jenn will gently & compassionately invite you to :

  • Draw away from the busy-ness of life & all of its demands
  • To practice self-care by mindfully pausing to allow for stillness in your mind and healing in your body
  • Surrender to rest & relaxation to awaken your body’s innate ability to heal itself
  • Experience transformational stress & anxiety reduction
  • Discover how to reach deep meditative and contemplative states
(905) -809-9098
Whitby/ Durham Region, Ontario
Jennifer Steffen Sound Practitioner
Frame Drum Sound Practitioner in Durham
Crystal Bowls on yellow blanket
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