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Fire - Swinging Flow Chimes with Red Trimmed Bag

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SWINGING CHIMES 6 or 9 BARS with mallet and red trimmed over the shoulder carry bag.

Available in both tuning systems A=440 and A=432

Energy and scale description:

Fire: C – D – F – G – A – C – D – F – G / energizing, encouraging.

This pioneering musical instrument is fast gaining popularity internationally through its unique tuning and play features. The Chimes can be swung gently, rotated, looped, swayed around and over the body, and create an immediately ‘touching’ experience of the magic of spherical sound in its layered consistency and its wholesome harmonizing effect.

Size: 3/4″  Material: Alu-Alloy  Dimensions: 36 x 50 x 3 cm

What are the notes of all the swinging chimes?

Energy and scale description:

Earth:  C – D – E – G – A – C – D – E – G / grounding, ordering. 

Fire: C – D – F – G – A – C – D – F – G / energizing, encouraging.

Water: C – D# – F – G – A# – C – D# – F – G / general soothing ,healing scale.

Air: C – D# – F – G# – A# – C – D# – F – G# / freeing, dreaming.

Space: C – D – F – G – A# – C – D – F – G / embracing, harmonizing.

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