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Sonic Chi Swinging Flow Chimes

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Tuned in A=432 tuning system

Musical tones and vibrations and the silence in between have the ability to touch every layer of the being: physiological-emotional-psychological-intellectual-psychic-spiritual. The harmonic structure and matrix based on specific and simple proportions is present everywhere in the natural world from the tiniest particle movements of the microcosmos to the vast formations of the galaxies, and generates the formation and cycles of life expressions through its specific ratios. These ratios can also be understood as the relatedness of each to all and in musical language are represented through the intervals.

Alpha: 1" tubes with mallet and pink trimmed over the shoulder carry bag.

This covers the medium range and has a stronger and longer sustained sound due to its mor e solid measure and denser material. It can still be handheld but is easier to use mounted on a stand as it is already heavier and larger than the smaller variant. Weight 4kg

A - C – D – E – G – A – C – D – E – G

Beta: 3/4" tubes with mallet and purple trimmed over the shoulder carry bag.

This is the smaller and therefore higher pitched version, which can be handheld and swung easily to create an extra Doppler Effect (See the introduction to our common Swinging Chimes). It is light, handy, easily available, can be rolled up into a bundled cylinder and carry bag. Weight 3 kg

A - C – D – E – G – A – C – D – E – G

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