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Moonlight: Set of 5 New Himalayan Singing Bowls

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This is a very beautiful set of 5 new Himalayan singing bowls hand crafted in Nepal.  It comes with one red felt mallet, one Dragonfly Percussion Suede Mallet and two Dragonfly Percussion Double Sided mallets, and 5 padded rings.

6" D#4+43 319 hz 650g

6.5" C#4+24 281 hz 758g

6.5" C4+35 267 hz 716 g

7.5" F#3+28 188 hz  1014 g

10.5" D#3+27 158 hz  2178 g

 We have three videos for you to watch.  The first demonstrates how this set of Himalayan sining bowls sound as a set.  The second video highlights the tones of each individual bowl. The third video shows how you can stack them into a padded bag, which you can purchase separately. 

If you are overwhelmed with trying to pick a Himalayan singing bowl, just give us a call. We would be happy to help you out.

How can I tell if this is a good bowl?

There are three kinds of Himalayan singing bowls out there. Cheap bowls, good bowls and excellent but very expensive bowls. We are proud to say we sell the good ones. Here is why.

Cheap bowls: Not sold here! Cheap bowls need to be tapped first to make them sing. That is the only way to get them to sing. Some sellers will say "It is waiting for the person with the right energy".... Nope, it is just a cheap bowl that doesn't like to sing. If you know the right technique to get a metal bowl to sing and the bowl won't sing for you, then it is just a cheap bowl. It is great as a bell, but needs coaxing to sing which can be very frustrating when trying to meditate. Sadly, there are many of these bowls on the market.

Good bowls: That's what we have! Imagine you are about to start a meditation. You pick up your beautiful Himalayan singing bowl and you rub the mallet around the outside and... it sings! It sings a beautiful rich tone with warm overtones that helps guide you into relaxation and meditation. Yup! That is what we sell. We hand pick each of our Himalayan singing bowls, making sure they sing easily and a beautiful sound is created with very little effort. They can have 5-7 strong overtones. These bowls are priced reasonably for the average person to purchase.

Excellent bowls are very hard to find and are super expensive. We have been told that about only 1-2% of all the Himalayan singing bowls fall into this category. They are super rich in overtones, barely need to be touched to sing, but are very expensive. If you are searching for an expensive, one of a kind bowl, let us know and we will see if we can help you find one.

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