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8"-20" Rain and Waterfall Disks

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8" Rain Disc and 12" - 20" Waterfall Disks

Hand Made in Moldova by Nazar Drums

The 8" Rain Disc has a design on both sides. It is a small instrument that produces a beautiful, calming sound reminiscent of water, ideal for soothing the mind and promoting relaxation. It is perfect for use in meditation and sound healing therapy, offering a soft and pleasant sound when tilted.

The 12" to 20" Waterfall Discs are exceptional and unique sound healing instruments, invented in the Nazar Drums workshop. Known as Water-Fall Discs, they create a sound that is both pleasant and powerful. The sound resembles that of a waterfall, or perhaps the ocean or rain in a jungle.

How is it made?

It is fully handmade in Moldova.
In the Nazar Drums Workshop, they are always looking for developing new music instruments for sound healing. The WaterFall Disk instrument was invented in the summer of 2022 by Misha, the founder of the workshop. In fact, it came as an idea to mix the Ocean Drums and Rain disks.

The designs are drawn by hand using a wood-burning iron which makes each Rain Disk unique. They can also make custom designs. The exterior is made from plywood only, and the interior combines a firm man-made material with metal pellets to produce a soothing sound of water falling from high.



Diameter – 50 cms (≈20")
Depth – 3 cms (≈1.2")
Weight – 1950 grams

Diameter – 40 cms (≈16")
Depth – 3 cms (≈1.2")
Weight – 1600 grams

Diameter – 30 cms (≈12")
Depth – 3 cms (≈1.2")
Weight – 800 grams

For whom is this for?
  • This instrument is designed for professional sound practitioners who regularly work with sound meditations and therapy sessions. We guarantee it will become a valuable addition to your collection!
  • It is also great for beginners or those who want to try sound healing sessions, sound baths, and various forms of music therapy. This instrument will impress your audience and make your healing sessions memorable.
  • It makes a perfect gift for musicians, adding unique sound effects to live performances or recording tracks.
  • Ideal for home use, it not only provides fun but also serves as an attractive piece of art. Children can explore new sounds, and you can share its pleasant tones with friends.
  • Perfect for chilling out and jamming before or after sessions in a yoga studio or a spiritual or cultural center.
  • Suitable for everyone, it helps ground oneself, to be present in the moment, or to journey far away.
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