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18" Red Fox Spirit Vegan Tunable Hand Drum

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18" Red Fox Spirit Vegan Tunable Hand Drum

Hand Made in Moldova by Nazar Drums

Backpack Padded Bags are available. 
Choose one size larger bag than the size of your drum. If your drum is 16", choose an 18" bag for proper fit. Buy your bag here.

100% vegan instrument 
For many people, the fact that no animal product is utilized in our drums is an important consideration. 

Sincerely, for us, the sound you get from a plastic membrane is just as deep and sometimes even deeper, than that from any goat-skin drum. The sound is so deep and low that it is good to use for healing and sound massage. 

Stable and consistent sound at any temperature 
Now you don’t have to worry about the temperature, in contrast to a deer or goatskin drum which is susceptible to changes in temperature. The shamanic vegan drum is more comfortable and practical to keep and play, so enjoy playing it – it will have a good sound anytime and anywhere.

The vegan hand drum is very light, weighing only 800-1200 grams. (1.8 to 2.6 lbs) It is very comfortable to play for any length of time without getting any pain in the shoulders.

Every drummer or shaman musician has had this pain when playing outdoors – rain or fog. From now on, you can forget about this as your vegan membrane is safe from the effects of water.

The vegan drums, built by Nazar have a well-thought-out and well-made tuning system that is also very simple to use. You can make the sound lower or higher as you wish, to a precise note. This is an important consideration not just for musicians playing in bands; it is also useful, for example, if you want to tune your drum to the same note as your gong or singing bowl.  

We can make vegan shaman drums of any design using beautiful and stylish images. Please reach out to us for a customized drum with any image you send us.


** the wooden frame part of the drum is made from many layers of veneer. To keep it light, we don't put too many layers, but it's strong enough;
** the handle is fixed within the rope giving the possibility for the entire body of the drum to vibrate – this is important in making a deeper sounding drum;
** for the membrane, we use a special kind of plastic – we tried many different types until finally found one which was the most durable and gave the best sound too;
** a stick for playing (shaman beater) is included in the set, made from acacia or linden wood. For the soft material, we use faux fur (synthetic wool), and so that it is also vegan.


How to Tune your Vegan Hand Drum to the Note or Tension You Want.

The vegan drums have a well thought out and well-made tuning system that is also very simple to use. You can make the sound lower or higher as you wish, to a precise note. How to do that? Here is a quick review to help you manage your drum comfortably.


On the back side of the drum body there are ten screw-bolts installed. These bolts regulate the tension of the membrane and keep it in the required position, and you can regulate their position with a 3 mm hex key.  


The whole process is very simple. Screw one bolt a little bit (quarter turn) and then pass onto the next one until one complete circle of the bolts is made. Continue in the same way until you get the best sound for you.

If you screw the bolts clockwise, the membrane gets more tension, and the sound becomes higher.

If you screw the bolts in a counterclockwise direction, the membrane gets less tension and the sound becomes lower, deeper bass.


Take care not to really force it when you want to make a bigger tension – screw the bolts one by one, and turn each bolt only a quarter or half turn each time. After a while you will feel it – it is important to have more or less the same tension in each screw. We have tried subjecting a maximal tension to one of our drums to see if it's possible to break the membrane. We didn't break it, the membrane is too strong. So, there is almost no chance to break the membrane, but anyway, don't force it too much – keep the sound optimal and don't make it too high.


It is also possible to tune the shaman vegan drum to an exact note – for this, you need a tuning app and there are many good and free downloads to choose from.

We can tell you that my vegan drums have quite a large tonal range, and it is possible to tune your drum somewhere from A to D notes. 


If you need more support, check out this short video to understand how everything looks and where we explain how to use the tuning system of our vegan drums. 




It's not heavy and has a beautiful look because of the printing, and can be used by different people in different ways:
** It’s wonderful for meditations, sound massage, healing sessions, and spiritual practice.
** It makes a perfect  gift.  It looks nice to have such a beautiful instrument in any yoga studio.
** For jamming and making music everywhere: the vegan shaman drum is an exceptional ethnic frame drum with a tunable spectrum of notes from A to D. You can make the sound with the stick, but it’s also possible and satisfying to play with the fingers, e.g., Arabic style technique, or however you like to play. It has a good sound from the centre to the edge of the drum, and also by playing on the wooden frame too – the whole drum resonates! So you can get many interesting sounds while jamming.
** Take this drum outdoors or to a festival: It’s perfect for travelling as it’s light and quite rugged, and it’s very practical when walking or using transportation.
** For the whole family: to have at home, this drum is nice to play with kids, to make a sound massage for your friends. It is practical and simple, not easily damaged, odour-free, and makes a beautiful home decor.
** For staying home - while you must stay at home and not visit any events, this drum will be your piece of art and creativity in getting you in a better mood. Just take it and hit on it, and slowly it will bring you to a positive mind and more optimistic thinking.

Listen to the difference between 16" and 20" Vegan Drums

How Can I learn to play the hand drum?

We have created a blog with several posts on how to play the hand drum. Check it out here. 

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