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What is the Tuning and Frequency of Your Singing Bowl?

What is the Tuning and Frequency of Your Singing Bowl?

I would be happy to help you determine the tunings of your singing bowls. This is a free service that I offer.  

Here is what I need from you. 

Make one short 10-15 second video of each bowl that you have. If you have 5 bowls, you will send 5 videos. Short videos are easy to send.  Please do not put all the bowls in one video. It takes too long to send and takes me too much time to listen to the whole video.  

How to play the bowl in your video:

If the bowl is a glass crystal bowl, I would like you to play along the rim to get it to sing and then let the bowl sing on it’s own for the 10 seconds while you record.  Please do not tap the bowl because that makes it hard for me to determine the exact tuning.

If your bowl is metal,  I want the opposite. I want you to press record and then give your bowl one gentle tap. Then leave it to ring on its own for 10-15 seconds. 

Don’t worry about the quality of the sound, or the things in the background. I have an app that is just listening to the tuning.  

Text or WhatsApp the videos along with your name to 905-941-4695

Once I have the videos I will be able to let you know what your notes and frequencies are and help offer suggestions on how to build your set.


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