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Transformative Drum Journeys

Transformative Drum Journeys

Here are a few different drum journeys using Nazar Drums performed by the group Star Shine Roots

Here is what they have to say about drum journeys:

Drum journeying is a practice rooted in Shamanic wisdom, using different rhythms to transport you to a trance-like state. It’s a form of meditation and dreaming that helps to bring clarity and a higher sense of order to our personal and collective lives. Modern science backs up this ancient practice. The drums can entrain slower brain waves, bringing about physical benefits like lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and a reduction in stress hormones. Experience a shift in perspective, awareness, or a burst of creativity - the journey can open up all of these doors and more.


I love how the hand gong and the hand drum are played together at the 4:55 mark in this video.


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