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Stephanie HeartSong

Stephanie HeartSong

HeartSong Medicine is a pathway to tuning into your Self.

Located in Hamilton Ontario.

Some claim that Heartsong meditations, soundscapes, Sacred SoundPlay events can be a “magical innerVerse journey creating the space to feel more peaceful, joyful and empowered.” Stephanie Heartsong aspires to offer you a unique and uplifting experience whether you seek a one-to-one session, attend a class or schedule a wellness event in your workspace.


The pure tones of a quartz crystal bowl touched my life over 30 years ago! Today, sound healing is a blessed gift that I am honoured to share and teach. When the call to serve, heal and facilitate grew strong, I chose to resign as a French Immersion school teacher. I established an innerLife therapeutic practice that combined my background in psychology and education, with my certified training in the healing arts of Hatha yoga, Reiki mastery and mindfulness meditation. By listening to this deep call for change, I learned to hone my skills and do what I love most as HeartSong Medicine.

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