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Choosing a Set of Three Crystal Singing Bowls

Choosing a Set of Three Crystal Singing Bowls

We can help you create a set! You can take any of the combinations seen below, and make them higher or lower. There are also other options that we have not shown here. If you would like to hear something different, please call us and we can make a video just for you.

Here are a variety of videos showing you different combinations for your first three crystal singing bowls.

Choosing Three Notes That Are A Fifth Apart.

Some people who want to buy 3 frosted crystal singing bowls think they should buy a chord like C, E, G.  This video compares the difference between the three crystal bowls that create a chord, and, the three crystal singing bowls that are 5ths apart such as C, G, D.  You can have many beautiful sound combinations with your bowls organized in this way.

Choosing Three Bowls Using the I-IV-V Pattern (1-4-5)

In this video the I-IV-V pattern is created with E4 - G4- A4.  It can be recreated with any note as the first. 
The Bluebird set comes with a 10" white E4, 7" Blue G4, an 8" white A4.   

Choosing A Third Crystal Singing Bowl To Go With A3 & E4

In this set, a client knew that she wanted the A3 & E4 crystal singing bowls.  These two notes create a Perfect fifth, which is very balancing to the nervous system. The problem was: what bowl to add as a third tone? We made this video to show her several options.  What option would you choose?

Option #1: A3, D4 & E4 

Option #2: A3, E4, F4  
Option #3: A3, E4, F#4  
Option #4: A3, E4, G4 

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