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Voice Activation & Overtone Singing Workshop - July 26 In Person Training

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Join us for a day of vocal exploration and empowerment as we share exercises and methods to integrate voice work into personal daily practice.

A perfect opportunity for both those new to or looking to deepen their use of the voice as a meditative and healing tool.  Participants will learn effective and approachable methods of harnessing the power of the voice as modality to process emotions, promote wellness, and connect with our bodies. 

In this full day workshop we will:

- explore the healing and health benefits of cultivating a vocal practice 

- learn exercises and methods of using the voice as a meditative and healing tool

- share in a guided meditation focused on connecting with and activating your true voice

- discuss what a humming/toning/overtone singing practice can look like and ways to integrate the voice into our daily practice and self-care routines

- share ideas on how to use voice work to connect with family and friends

- learn about vocal overtones, the human vocal tract, and how the two can interact to generate beautiful and unique tones

- practice methods of manipulating and harnessing the overtones in our voice that will allow us to begin to explore overtone singing and incorporate overtone singing into our personal vocal practice. 

- explore the spiritual and cultural history and significance of overtone and throat singing throughout the world

No Experience Necessary.

Price: $222

About Your Teacher: Patrick Keddie

A lifelong intuitive, creative, and musician, Patrick integrates his training and experience in sound, Reiki, and bodywork to create and empower opportunities for deep healing and rejuvenation with his clients.  Employing a compliment of techniques learned from teachers and masters in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, and throughout North America Patrick strives to offer clients approachable and accessible opportunities for growth and transcendence of suffering. His creative, playful, and novel use of a compliment of healing and melodic instruments from around the world from gongs, bowls, and tuning forks to wind instruments and the voice makes for a dynamic therapeutic experience.

Whether creating and exploring new sonic landscapes in his soundbaths, or exploring the power of sound, vibration, and Reiki in private sessions, Patrick is looking forward to sharing his potent blend of personalized care with you!

For more information about this exclusive experience to train with Patrick, please do not hesitate to call Denise at 905-563-3234


Location is at the Sound Journey Store in Beamsville, Ontario. 


The Closest airport is Hamilton.  Next is Toronto.


Participants are welcome to make purchases at the Sound Journey Store before or after training.  

Refund Policy
Our workshops typically sell out quickly. Therefore, we can only offer a refund on tickets if we can fill your spot with someone from the waitlist. Please note that if you cancel at the last minute, it may be difficult for us to find a replacement. Additionally, if you purchase a ticket and do not attend, no refund will be available.
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